Travel to Dunedin

AIr New Zealand and Pacific Blue are the two airlines that fly into Dunedin. There are many options for flying from Australia via Christchurch, Wellington, or Auckland.  You should check out a few different options to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Dunedin airport is about a 35 minute drive from Dunedin, so traveling in by taxi is expensive. We recommend a shuttle – these cost about $20 and will deliver you to the door.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is effectively giving a donation to an organisation that uses the funds to purchase or invest in carbon-reducing activities such as forestry or alternative energy.  Many airlines now offer passengers the opportunity to offset CO2 emissions from their travel.  This is completely voluntary.  Offset the rest is a website that allows you to calculate the emissions generated by your flights to and from the conference (or anywhere else). If you wish, you can purchase carbon offsets from them.

Getting around Dunedin

The shopping centre at the Gardens Corner includes a supermarket, bank, post office and pharmacy.  Several small eating places are nearby, and the Botanic Gardens provide many nice walking and running areas, and a cafe. So you may not need to travel far afield!

If you do want to explore a bit, Salmond Hall is very close to the Gardens Corner, an intersection which is a nexus for several bus routes.  Buses run into town very frequently. To get back from town, you can catch any bus that is headed for Opoho, Pine Hill or Normanby.  They all stop at or near the Gardens Corner. Tickets are purchased from the driver.

Taxis are available, and can to be booked by a phone call.  It’s not usually possible to hail them on the street.  Two local firms are Dunedin Taxis (4777 777) and City Taxis (4771 771).

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