Ali’s Waiwaiata

(To the tune of “There is a House in New Orleans”)

There is a girl from Lyttelton,

She’s run a million groups;

She never thought she’d make the grade

But now she’s through the hoops!

She’s run “Emerging Amazon”,

She’s climbed a thousand peaks;

And then she meets Kay Rosalind

– discovers what she seeks.

The learning it was hard and steep,

She cried a billion tears,

The end was always out of sight

– ’twas time to conquer fears !

She doubled, mirrored, role reversed,

She concretised the scenes;

She’s shown the world she’s adequate

– a psychodrama queen!

This day now brings your finest hour,

Your hero’s journey run;

With all your peers gathered round,

You now stand in the sun!!

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